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From one-stop production to full BOM ownership

We provide full transparency and comprehensive support throughout the entire bike development process. You get complete visibility into suppliers, components, and production details.

You have the brand. We have the factory

Baltik vairas helps bicycle brands in Europe realise their vision through a production process that optimises efficiency without compromising quality.

The reasons behind our exceptional bicycle quality

As bike OEM, we ensure quality through meticulous design testing, closely monitored sourcing, and modern production lines equipped with quality controls and feedback loops.

Full-service OEM bike manufacturer

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All capabilities are in-house

Baltik vairas stands out with its integrated capabilities in R&D, component sourcing and painting, all available internally. We cover the entire bike production journey.

Direct sourcing network

We transparently establish direct contact with major suppliers, fostering trust and reliability, while streamlining the supply chain process by eliminating intermediaries.

Painting line

Bicycle parts are painted in a state-of-the-art automated electrostatic line using water-based paints that provide high-quality results and quick color changes.

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Our vision: bike-enabled friendly cities

We believe that bicycles are a more sustainable, shareable, and space-efficient form of transportation, enabling cities to develop in more people-friendly ways.

Employees - a key to our success

We understand that every set of hands involved in crafting our bikes represents both an opportunity and a risk. That's why we continuously invest in our people.

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75 years of excellence

With a rich history spanning over 75 years, Baltik vairas has emerged as a leading bicycle manufacturer, specializing in full-service OEM across Europe.

Quality-driven team

At Baltik vairas, our dedicated and talented team of professionals bring their passion for cycling and commitment to quality to every aspect of the production process.

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Our mission is to enhance mobility with every next bike

With each bike that leaves our factory, we are working towards a more welcoming future for urban mobility.

Empowering employees to build the best bikes

Our work environment empowers employees to develop their skills and contribute to making the best bikes in Europe.

Open positions in Baltik vairas

If you are passionate about bikes and want to be a part of a dynamic and innovative company, check our current job openings and join us.

Environmental policy

BALTIK VAIRAS aims to carry out sustainable and environmentally friendly activities, optimally use resources and constantly reduce its impact on the environment by creating a business culture based on harmonious development and implementing the principles of circular economy.

The Environmental Policy aims to define the key environmental principles the company follows in its daily activities.

The implementation of the principles of this Environmental Policy also allows us to ensure its continuous improvement by analysing the potential impact of the company's activities on the environment, assessing risks, and providing measures to reduce or avoid those risks.

We take responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment and strictly adhere to the following principles of sustainable business:


As a manufacturer of green vehicles, we are committed to protecting the environment and maintaining a sustainable business model. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities, products, and the processes of manufacture.

  1. We promote rational management of resources and economy in overall use of raw materials, energy and environmental resources. We endeavour to develop competence of employees as well as their responsible attitude towards their work and its impact on the environment.
  2. We are consistently reducing the CO2 footprint as well as greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. We conduct an environmental risk assessment and carry out the prevention of possible, unforeseen, and dangerous situations.
  4. We are implementing circular economy principles in our operations to ensure the secondary use of raw materials, thereby extending their life cycle.


In our activities we follow the principles of sustainable purchase, we aim to ensure that all raw materials, transport, energy resources and services are purchased only from the suppliers meeting our high environmental standards, fair and sustainable manufacture requirements, ensuring the most favourable social impact and an environmentally friendly outcome.

  1. We purchase only green electricity.
  2. We aim to constantly increase the use of renewable energy in our manufacture operations and use raw materials that are produced under the principles of sustainable production.
  3. Our choices in purchase of goods and services are determined by the factor which goods or services have less negative impact on the environment during their life cycle.
  4.  In our supply chain, we look for the most sustainable solutions that would reduce the risks posed during transportation, reduce vehicle emissions, and always give priority to less polluting modes of transport.


In our activities we manage the impact of the raw materials and other materials used on the environment, we implement new technologies that allow us to reduce pollution and comply with the principles of sustainable manufacturing chain management, by focusing on waste recycling, cost, and waste minimization.

  1. We reduce pollution by improving the technologies of the bicycle manufacturing process, choosing more eco-friendly raw materials, using less energy resources to produce the same quantity of products.
  2. When creating products, we look for the most sustainable solutions for our customers ensuring the most efficient use of raw materials and other materials.
  3. We apply the principles of pollution prevention and reduce environmental pollution by improving waste collection and sorting technologies. Waste is transferred only to waste managers that can recycle and reuse it.
  4. We reduce the volume of non-recyclable and hazardous waste generated in the course of our activities. Hazardous and chemical substances used in the manufacturing process are replaced by less harmful or environmentally friendly ones.


In contributing to the implementation of the European Green Deal strategy, we pay great attention to energy saving and efficient use of its resources. We aim for an ever-increasing share of used energy resources to come from renewable sources.

  1. We rationally use energy resources by constantly increasing the manufacturing efficiency, ensuring the creation of greater value with lower material costs.
  2.  We implement innovations and technologies that contribute to saving energy costs and reduce the negative impact on the environment; we constantly increase the share of energy consumed from renewable sources.
  3. We promote rational and sustainable use of resources, initiate and organize educational projects for employees aiming to change their consumption behaviour.


We conduct our daily activities in compliance with environmental laws and regulations because we understand our responsibility for human health, protection of the environment and natural resources. In every process we always endeavour to keep the environmental issues our top priority.

  1. We aim to solve environmental issues in accordance with the highest international standards, using modern tools and implementing efficient processes.
  2. We comply with all environmental legal requirements, carry out environmental prevention and control. We periodically monitor determined environmental aspects. 
  3. We monitor, control and constantly communicate openly about the environmental goals, the steps taken and results achieved.
  4. We allocate the necessary resources for the implementation of existing environmental goals and objectives.


  1. The management of the company and the environmental specialist are responsible for the implementation of the principles of the Environmental Policy. They ensure the identification of environmental aspects, setting of the environmental objectives and tasks for improving the environmental condition and allocation of sufficient resources for implementation thereof. In addition, they prevent actions that do not comply with the provisions of the policy.
  2. Our operations are based on trust and agreements, we strive to ensure that all company employees, guests, persons providing services to the company (contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers), customers, partners and other persons adhere to the principles of the Environmental Policy. The Policy is available on the website of Baltik Vairas.
  3. Identification of new risks, opportunities for application of environmental innovations, and incident analyses are the basis for learning and initiating changes. Therefore, the Environmental Policy is regularly reviewed and updated, taking into account changes in the light of legislation and good international practice.


 Aiming to ensure the effectiveness of the Environmental Policy, we encourage to report violations. The ways of reporting include:  

  • contact your direct manager, head of the company or environmental specialist;
  • arrive at the company at the address: 3Pramonės St., Šiauliai;
  • use a special anonymous box located at the company's checkpoint.

If you wish to stay anonymous, or you are not an employee of the company, but you have reasonable information about violations of the Environmental Policy, you may report a possible violation by sending an anonymous email to [email protected].

The confidentiality and data protection are ensured for all persons reporting possible violations of the Environmental Policy (hereinafter referred to as whistleblowers). Reporting of violations is not subject to any sanctions and whistleblowers are protected from the threat of retaliation.

Regardless of the chosen form of reporting possible violations, the identity of the whistleblower will not be disclosed during the whole course of investigation and after the appropriate decisions have been made, unless the whistleblower wishes to do so or it is required by law.

If you have questions about what activity or what case can be considered a violation, please consult your direct manager, or use the anonymous reporting system described above. Upon learning of or suspecting violations of the principles of the Environmental Policy, any of the above-mentioned ways of reporting are possible.

In the event it is determined that the employee of the company has performed actions that do not comply with the principles of the Environmental Policy or the requirements of legislation, having assessed the circumstances related to the violation, appropriate preventive actions are taken.

Environmental policy