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From one-stop production to full BOM ownership

We provide full transparency and comprehensive support throughout the entire bike development process. You get complete visibility into suppliers, components, and production details.

You have the brand. We have the factory

Baltik vairas helps bicycle brands in Europe realise their vision through a production process that optimises efficiency without compromising quality.

The reasons behind our exceptional bicycle quality

As bike OEM, we ensure quality through meticulous design testing, closely monitored sourcing, and modern production lines equipped with quality controls and feedback loops.

Full-service OEM bike manufacturer

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All capabilities are in-house

Baltik vairas stands out with its integrated capabilities in R&D, component sourcing and painting, all available internally. We cover the entire bike production journey.

Direct sourcing network

We transparently establish direct contact with major suppliers, fostering trust and reliability, while streamlining the supply chain process by eliminating intermediaries.

Painting line

Bicycle parts are painted in a state-of-the-art automated electrostatic line using water-based paints that provide high-quality results and quick color changes.

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Our vision: bike-enabled friendly cities

We believe that bicycles are a more sustainable, shareable, and space-efficient form of transportation, enabling cities to develop in more people-friendly ways.

Employees - a key to our success

We understand that every set of hands involved in crafting our bikes represents both an opportunity and a risk. That's why we continuously invest in our people.

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75 years of excellence

With a rich history spanning over 75 years, Baltik vairas has emerged as a leading bicycle manufacturer, specializing in full-service OEM across Europe.

Quality-driven team

At Baltik vairas, our dedicated and talented team of professionals bring their passion for cycling and commitment to quality to every aspect of the production process.

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Our mission is to enhance mobility with every next bike

With each bike that leaves our factory, we are working towards a more welcoming future for urban mobility.

Empowering employees to build the best bikes

Our work environment empowers employees to develop their skills and contribute to making the best bikes in Europe.

Open positions in Baltik vairas

If you are passionate about bikes and want to be a part of a dynamic and innovative company, check our current job openings and join us.

Code of Ethical Conduct

In our endeavour to become a leader in the production of bicycles and e-bicycles in Europe we always take into account economic and social aspects, as well as take responsibility for the impact of our activities and the consequences of our actions - as a market participant, employer and a member of community.

In our everyday activities we adhere to the principles of socially responsible business, human rights, manpower, quality, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. In developing our business, we not only comply with the legislation governing the above-mentioned fields, but also strive to be a step forward in protecting the interests of our employees, fostering a sustainable environment, and fighting corruption.


1.1.  Fair Labour Relations

  • We comply with employment legislation. We aim to be an attractive employer to our current and future employees.
  • We select employees according to their competence, professional skills, and values. We train each employee to perform their duties and tasks; we provide conditions for their improvement.
  • We involve employees in many processes and in an equal dialogue with managers.
  • We reward for the work and the results achieved in a proper manner, taking into account the responsibilities, competence of employees as well as the situation in the labour market.
  • Termination of employment is based on mutual respect.

1.2.  Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining

  • All the workers, without exception, are free to join (or abstain from joining) associations, including the right to form and join a trade union aiming to protect their interests and the right to collective bargaining.
  • We support the trade union and their organizational activities. We provide all necessary means (information technology and telecommunications equipment, premises, means of communication, bulletin boards, etc.) to ensure the effective operation of the trade union committee.
  • Representatives of employees are not discriminated against and have an opportunity to exercise their representative functions in the workplace without hindrance.
  • We cultivate the interests of our employees and adhere to the Collective Agreement concluded with them. All decisions that must be coordinated by law and the signed Collective Agreement are coordinated with the trade union.
  • Where freedom of association and collective bargaining are restricted by law, the employer is obliged to provide opportunities and allow the development of other forms of employee influence.

1.3.  Fair Renumeration

  • We respect employee right to legitimate remuneration. We reward honestly and always on time for the work performed and the results achieved.
  • We ensure that the remuneration paid to our employees is higher than the minimum wage approved by the Government and meets the needs of the employees.
  • All employees are provided with written and comprehensible information on the conditions of their remuneration before signing the employment contract. In addition, each time before payment of remuneration, information on the components of their remuneration for the pay period is provided.
  • We do not use payroll deductions as a disciplinary measure, and we do not allow other payroll deductions not provided for in national legislation without a consent of the employee concerned. All disciplinary measures are recorded.
  •  We provide employees with all statutory privileges, including annual leave, bonuses, compensation, and etc. On our own initiative, we provide various targeted payments and additional social and incentive measures.
  • We aim to develop employee competencies, promote their continuous improvement and professional growth, while increasing our value in the labour market, as well.
  • We ensure pay review at least once a year in accordance with the conditions set forth in the Remuneration Procedure.

1.4.  Work Hours

  • We ensure that the working hours, wages, and overtime policies of our employees are established in accordance with applicable legislation and international labour standards and comply with the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement.
  • Working hours, including overtime, as well as rest and break times, are defined in the employment contract in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, the Collective Agreement, and other legal acts.
  • All overtime is worked solely on voluntary basis by mutual agreement between the employer and employee. 
  • Wage for work at night, rest day, public holidays and overtime is paid at enhanced rate in accordance with the procedure established by the Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts.
  • Total working hours per week does not exceed 50hrs. This is only allowed in exceptional circumstances when all of the following conditions are met:

-  this is permitted by national laws;

-  this is made possible by a Collective Agreement freely negotiated with the workers’ organization representing a significant proportion of all employees;

- appropriate measures are taken to ensure occupational safety and health of employees and the employer can prove the occurrence of exceptional circumstances, such as peak production, accidents or other special circumstances.

  • Pursuant to the working time and rest periods established by the Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania, employees are given at least one day-off in a seven-day (i.e., one week) period or, when permitted by national laws, two days-off in each 14-day period.

1.5.  Respect and Equal Rights

  • We respect human rights embedded in international and Lithuanian legislation and treat our staff with dignity and respect.
  • We ensure equal rights and equality in all areas of activity. This may involve integrating the principle of equality into processes related to working conditions, remuneration, improvement of professional skills (training), promotion, termination of employment, retirement, etc.
  • We aim to create a work environment where individuals are respected regardless of their individual differences, physical and intellectual abilities or personal character traits. Staff members or candidates would not be discriminated against on the basis of identity, sex, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, age, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, ethnicity, membership of a political party or association, religion, belief, attitudes, intention to have a child(ren) or any other feature unrelated to their professional qualities.
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, including physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment, humiliation, insults, as well as coercion in respect of our employees or others we encounter in our activities. We treat all employees with respect, honesty, and fairness.
  • We never engage in or tolerate any form of violence, including threats, acts of violence, intimidation or attempts to intimidate others. Moreover, it is not allowed to have weapons in the workplace, it is prohibited by local law.

1.6.   Employment of Children and Young People

  • We care about the well-being of children, therefore we do not use child labour in the course of our activities and strongly oppose any form of child exploitation.
  • We employ only those employees who meet the applicable minimum age requirements. Young people are given an opportunity only to engage in a job that meets their physical abilities, does not adversely affect their safety, health, physical, mental, moral, emotional, or social development and does not interfere with their educational process.
  • The same is demanded from our partners. This provision applies to all business partners, suppliers and subcontractors who must take appropriate precautionary measures to ensure that child labour is not used in the supplier's or subcontractor's production or work processes.

1.7.  Voluntary Work

  • We strongly oppose illegal compulsory or forced labour, including prisoner work, forced labour as a way to pay off debts and other forms of forced labour.
  • Employees are not required to give their identity documents to their employer for storage or give a “deposit”, and they are free to terminate their employment at any time and for any lawful reason by giving a reasonable notice.

1.8.  Healthy and Safe Working Conditions

  • We create safe, hygienic and healthy workplaces to our employees, as well as make constant steps to improve them. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring fire safety, equipment safety, and other necessary measures to prevent accidents and injuries at work.
  • We ensure safe work processes, provide regular occupational safety and health training, during which employees are trained to use safety equipment and other special purpose measures. We observe the harmful and dangerous factors of the work environment and implement preventive measures.
  • Special attention is paid to creation of a positive work environment, physical working conditions of employees and their improvement (tidy manufacturing premises, showers, toilets, constant supply of drinking water, coffee, snack vending machines, etc.)
  • We implement and use systems to identify, prevent and respond to potential risks related to occupational safety and health.

1.9.  Environmental Protection

  •  As a manufacturer of a green vehicle, we are committed to protecting the environment and maintaining a sustainable business model. Our commitment includes reduction of the environmental impact of our activities, products, and production processes. This provision applies from the idea of the product to the delivery, operation, maintenance and disposal of the product, even if there is no legal requirement for that.
  • We understand our responsibility to protect human health, environment and natural resources, therefore our day-to-day operations are carried out in compliance with environmental legislation. We always strive to give top priority to environment protection in every process.
  • In our activities we use the latest technologies and implement technological processes that meet ecological standards and help to reduce negative impact on the environment. We also promote rational management and use of resources.
  • We strive and encourage the use of safe solutions to customers, employees and the environment, to implement innovations that would contribute to energy cost savings.
  • In our operations we follow the principles of sustainable business. We perceive the importance of protecting and conserving the environment, therefore we contribute to public campaigns that focus on environmental issues.

1.10. Support

  • We adhere to a long-term support policy and, as a representative of the business community, we take part in shaping the future of the community in which we operate.
  • We support the projects which meet our ethical standards, values, and priorities. We do not support projects which are related to social exclusion and discrimination, political initiatives, and the propagation of religious beliefs.
  • We allocate funds to the trade union of employees, as well as for satisfaction of social needs of employees and education on one-time support agreement basis. 

1.11. Corruption Prevention

  • We are honest and sincere. We do not lie or mislead and always adhere to the principle of transparency.
  • In our activities we do not tolerate unfair competition and illegal actions, including dissemination of misleading information about competitors or their activities, destruction of competitors, forgery of financial documents or tax evasion.
  •  We have zero tolerance approach to bribery or any other form of acceptance of anything of value in exchange for influence or benefit as well as direct or indirect giving or oferring of any other advantage. We take all measures to prevent bribery, corruption and other economic crimes in our sphere of influence, and we encourage our customers and partners to follow the same principle.
    • We will never, directly or indirectly (for example, through an intermediary) bribe any third party from the public or private sector. We believe that success in business must be achieved by ensuring the quality of our products and services, but not through bribery.

1.12. Confidentiality

  • We respect the right to privacy of our employees, customers and business partners.
  • We comply with all personal data protection requirements applicable to employee personal data.
  • We strive to ensure that employees properly protect all confidential information available to them at work about customers, partners, suppliers, and other interested parties.
  • Confidential information may only be disclosed to the individuals who are duly authorised to receive it for legitimate business purposes.
  • We protect all the confidential information entrusted to us. We establish close relationships based on openness and honesty without breaching confidentiality.


Sustainable partnership is the aim of our company. We operate on the grounds of trust and agreement. We strive to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethical Conduct by all Company employees, guests, the individuals and undertakings providing services to our company (contractors, subcontractors and suppliers), customers, partners, creditors and other persons.  

Every employee of the Company must get acquainted with the Code of Ethical Conduct. The Code of Ethical Conduct is also made public on Baltik Vairas website for all current or potential partners of the company to have access to.

The Code of Ethical Conduct is subject to review and update on regular basis with respect to the changes to legal acts and good international practice, including but not limited to the field of corruption prevention.   

The management of the Company is responsible for implementation of the provisions of this Code of Ethical Conduct as well as for making necessary steps to avoid non-compliance to the provisions of this Code. Every employee of the Company must follow the provisions of this Code in their work and is encouraged to report any possible violations.


To ensure the effectiveness of business ethics and to promote an open work environment based on trust and mutual respect, we encourage you to report violations in the following ways:

  • by contacting your line manager, company manager, human resources department or representatives of trade union;
  • by arriving to the company, at 3 Pramonės St., Šiauliai;
  • by using a special anonymous box available at the Company’s entrance.

If you wish to remain anonymous, or if you are not an employee of the Company but have reasonable information about violations of this Code of Ethical Conduct, please report the potential violation by sending us an anonymous e-mail: [email protected].

The confidentiality and data protection is guaranteed to all individuals who report possible violations of the Code (hereinafter - notifiers). No sanctions may be imposed on the notifiers and they will be protected from threats of any retaliation.

Regardless of the form of notification about a possible violation, the identity of the notifier will not be disclosed neither during inspection, nor after making a relevant decision, unless the notifier so requests or it is required by law.

If you have any questions about which activity or case may be considered a violation, please consult your line manager or use the anonymous reporting system described above. If you become aware of or suspect a violation of the requirements of the Code of Ethical Conduct, you may report it in any of the ways set forth herein.

In the event it is established that an employee of the Company has performed actions that do not comply with the provisions of the Code of Ethical Conduct or legal acts, appropriate preventive actions shall be taken, having assessed the circumstances related to the violation.