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From one-stop production to full BOM ownership

We provide full transparency and comprehensive support throughout the entire bike development process. You get complete visibility into suppliers, components, and production details.

You have the brand. We have the factory

Baltik vairas helps bicycle brands in Europe realise their vision through a production process that optimises efficiency without compromising quality.

The reasons behind our exceptional bicycle quality

As bike OEM, we ensure quality through meticulous design testing, closely monitored sourcing, and modern production lines equipped with quality controls and feedback loops.

Full-service OEM bike manufacturer

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All capabilities are in-house

Baltik vairas stands out with its integrated capabilities in R&D, component sourcing and painting, all available internally. We cover the entire bike production journey.

Direct sourcing network

We transparently establish direct contact with major suppliers, fostering trust and reliability, while streamlining the supply chain process by eliminating intermediaries.

Painting line

Bicycle parts are painted in a state-of-the-art automated electrostatic line using water-based paints that provide high-quality results and quick color changes.

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Our vision: bike-enabled friendly cities

We believe that bicycles are a more sustainable, shareable, and space-efficient form of transportation, enabling cities to develop in more people-friendly ways.

Employees - a key to our success

We understand that every set of hands involved in crafting our bikes represents both an opportunity and a risk. That's why we continuously invest in our people.

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75 years of excellence

With a rich history spanning over 75 years, Baltik vairas has emerged as a leading bicycle manufacturer, specializing in full-service OEM across Europe.

Quality-driven team

At Baltik vairas, our dedicated and talented team of professionals bring their passion for cycling and commitment to quality to every aspect of the production process.

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Our mission is to enhance mobility with every next bike

With each bike that leaves our factory, we are working towards a more welcoming future for urban mobility.

Empowering employees to build the best bikes

Our work environment empowers employees to develop their skills and contribute to making the best bikes in Europe.

Open positions in Baltik vairas

If you are passionate about bikes and want to be a part of a dynamic and innovative company, check our current job openings and join us.

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