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From one-stop production to full BOM ownership

We provide full transparency and comprehensive support throughout the entire bike development process. You get complete visibility into suppliers, components, and production details.

You have the brand. We have the factory

Baltik vairas helps bicycle brands in Europe realise their vision through a production process that optimises efficiency without compromising quality.

The reasons behind our exceptional bicycle quality

As bike OEM, we ensure quality through meticulous design testing, closely monitored sourcing, and modern production lines equipped with quality controls and feedback loops.

Full-service OEM bike manufacturer

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All capabilities are in-house

Baltik vairas stands out with its integrated capabilities in R&D, component sourcing and painting, all available internally. We cover the entire bike production journey.

Direct sourcing network

We transparently establish direct contact with major suppliers, fostering trust and reliability, while streamlining the supply chain process by eliminating intermediaries.

Painting line

Bicycle parts are painted in a state-of-the-art automated electrostatic line using water-based paints that provide high-quality results and quick color changes.

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Our vision: bike-enabled friendly cities

We believe that bicycles are a more sustainable, shareable, and space-efficient form of transportation, enabling cities to develop in more people-friendly ways.

Employees - a key to our success

We understand that every set of hands involved in crafting our bikes represents both an opportunity and a risk. That's why we continuously invest in our people.

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75 years of excellence

With a rich history spanning over 75 years, Baltik vairas has emerged as a leading bicycle manufacturer, specializing in full-service OEM across Europe.

Quality-driven team

At Baltik vairas, our dedicated and talented team of professionals bring their passion for cycling and commitment to quality to every aspect of the production process.

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Our mission is to enhance mobility with every next bike

With each bike that leaves our factory, we are working towards a more welcoming future for urban mobility.

Empowering employees to build the best bikes

Our work environment empowers employees to develop their skills and contribute to making the best bikes in Europe.

Open positions in Baltik vairas

If you are passionate about bikes and want to be a part of a dynamic and innovative company, check our current job openings and join us.

Over 75 years of mastering the How of bikes

Over 75 years of mastering the How of bikes

Baltik vairas is a full-service Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), merging the latest manufacturing organisation strategies and high digitisation. With over 75 years of manufacturing experience, the company now is the largest premium-quality bicycle and e-bike manufacturer in Northern Europe. Baltik vairas makes bicycles under other companies' brands and offers full-range production of any modern transportation vehicle, powered by pedals.



You have the bike. We have the factory

Brand owners bring their ideas, future mobility visions, design sketches, use cases, marketing engines, ideal customers, channels, and distribution practices.

At Baltik vairas, we provide expertise in R&D, supply chain management, design, quality assurance, assembly, paint shop, and strategic & operational planning. We have all these competencies in-house.

Specialising in efficient supply chain and assembly solutions, we bridge the gap between design concepts and large-scale production, assisting innovative bicycle makers in bringing their vision to life and disrupting the possibilities of what bikes can be.

Mastery in numbers

Over more than 75 years, Baltik vairas has grown into a company driven by process innovation and know-how.

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we produce more than 350k bikes for Western Europe markets and collaborate with the top European brands.


We have the capacity and experience to serve the biggest brands.


We have the expertise to satisfy the most technologically sophisticated and premium brands that are delivering the next wave of bikes.

Our first bike
Employees (no temporary contracts)
Production is digitised
Bikes delivered in 2023
Exported to Western Europe
Servicing the biggest bike brands in leading bike markets


Our vision: Bike-enabled friendly cities

We believe that bikes is the better cars, a fundamentally more sustainable, sharable and space-efficient form of transport, allowing neighborhoods and cities to develop in more people-friendly ways. That’s why we envision a world, where cities become bike-first.

Our mission: Moving mobility, one bike at a time

By building the best version of each bike, we are constantly improving their usability and expanding what a bike can be, contributing to a world where everyone can have a bicycle that fits their needs. This way, with each new bike rolling off the assembly line, we move mobility towards a friendlier future.

The largest bicycle factory in Northern Europe is based in Šiauliai, Lithuania

Baltik vairas enables innovative bicycle makers to disrupt what bikes can be by bringing their vision to life.

Rich history in the bike manufacturing industry

Established in 1948 in Šiauliai, Lithuania, Baltik vairas quickly grew to become one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in the Baltik region. Over the years, the company has continuously evolved, adapting to market trends and technological advancements.

With a strong focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, we successfully built a reputation for delivering exceptional bicycles that meet the needs of diverse riders worldwide.

Today, with decades of experience behind us, Baltik vairas remains at the forefront of the industry, combining generational process mastery with modern manufacturing techniques to help create bikes that inspire and empower cyclists around the globe.

Baltik vairas is a part of KJK Sports, a renowned company specializing in the active outdoor sporting goods segment.

History of Baltik vairas

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  • 1948 - 1952

  • 1953 - 1958

  • 1959 - 1974

  • 1976 - 1993

  • 1994 - 2014

  • 2015 - 2021

  • 2021 - 2023

The history of Baltik vairas begins when Šiaulių vairas, a state-owned bicycle manufacturer, was founded.

The factories are located in the buildings and grounds of the former tractor repair factory "Žaizdras" and a nail factory.

The buildings of a tractor repair factory are being converted into a bicycle factory.

The factory has 136 mechanical bicycle-construction machines, including 109 machines made in Germany before WWII. The workforce comprises 47 employees.

The company starts manufacturing its first bicycles with an outcome of 18,000 bikes annually.

It launches the first bike brand for boys: the junior bike “Ereliukas” (an “Eaglet”). Baltik vairas becomes the most wanted employer in the area.

Production rises to 37,000 bikes a year. The company launches its first owned brand for girls: the junior bike “Kregždutė“.

The wheel hubs for "Kregždutė" and "Ereliukas" were purchased from the German company ZF Sachs AG, now known as "Torpedo - Freilaufnabe".

The factory expands to an area of 7,500 m² with a capacity of up to 150,000 units per year.

The first 6,000 bikes are exported to Germany, Mexico, Finland, Greece, India, Belgium and Hungary.

The factory continues to expand and produces 200,000 bicycles a year.

150,000 “Ereliukas” and 50,000 “Kregždutė” models are produced per year.

Bikes are assembled using special stands.

Productivity is increased through mechanisation and automation.

Updated “Ereliukas” and “Kregždutė” models are launched.

The annual production volume increases to 300,000 bicycles

The company expands its exports to 32 countries worldwide.

The 1,000,000th bicycle is produced. The bicycles are assembled on a conveyor, and the parts are fed into the warehouse mechanically.

The company starts mechanised bike parts grinding, polishing, painting, nickel plating and lacquering.

The company becomes the bicycle & motors production plant “Vairas”.

It starts production of scooter engines.

The 5,000,000th bicycle is produced. Exports expand to 70 countries worldwide, reaching 50,000 bikes a year.

Launch of new futuristic model “Vyturėlis“ (Skylark“).

Inspired by the “Vyturėlis“ model, the company has introduced new bike models „Venta“, „Dubysa“ and „Rambynas“.

The annual production volume increases to 420,000 bicycles and 260,000 scooter engines.

The first foldable bike, first bike simulator and first bike catamaran have been introduced.

In Šiauliai, where the bicycle factory is located, organised events to promote cycling and attract enthusiasts.

The town earned the reputation as the capital of bicycles of Lithuania. The Bicycle Museum, founded in 1980, is handed over to the city and becomes open to all visitors.

The company has been acquired by Panther International GmbH. A joint Lithuanian-German company is registered.

A strategic focus is placed on manufacturing bicycles for other bicycle brands. The company starts the production of „Panther“ bikes.

The company has been renamed Baltik vairas AB.

It employs 864 people and exports to Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland.

Baltik vairas starts producing electric bicycles.

The components warehouse are managed by the integrated dynamic warehouse management system Navision.

The factory has been acquired by Danish investor Asgaard A/S and Lithuanian growth capital fund LitCapital.

The company transitions from a production factory to a fully-integrated OEM manufacturer of bicycles, handling all its key competencies in-house. The annual production volume is 350,000 bicycles.

Baltik vairas is a fully operational, profitable, growing bike production company with more than 400 employees.

The company produces 350,000 bicycles annually, making it the largest bicycle manufacturer in Northern Europe.

The company has initiated the implementation of the LEAN approach.

Baltik vairas is now one of the leading adopters of LEAN principles in Lithuania.

A new organisational culture is introduced, focusing on process efficiency, quality and employer branding.

The digitalisation of the production process begins. The company produces bicycles for top German and Netherlands brands.

The company has been acquired by KJK Sports, a sports goods holding company based in Luxembourg.

Its main focus is on activities in the field of outdoor sports goods.

Production is expanded, and investment is made in a new and unique e-bike assembly line.

The use of Industry 4.0 technologies is increasing. As much as 80% of the production process is digitised. 3D design and printing, RFID tagging.

Launch of a cargo (family) bicycle assembly facility.

The production capacity of this unit can reach up to 30,000 units per year.

Baltik vairas has introduced a new strategic positioning with a clear brand identity

Artificial intelligence (AI) usage enables improving the production planning process in partnership with the EU's Horizon 2020 project.


The Baltik vairas management team consists of experienced professionals that want to help change mobility for good. They are a core part of the broader BV family consisting of more than 400 long-term employees.

  • Nerijus Gužauskas


  • Vytautas Pavalkis

    Finance Manager

  • Irena Pupienienė

    Head of HR

  • Evaldas Leonavičius

    Sales Manager

  • Edmantas Jogaudas

    Manufacturing Manager

  • Mantas Ruzgys

    Process and Quality Manager

  • Andrius Jurkus

    Head of Strategic & Operational Planning Department

  • Nerijus Ignatjevas

    Supply Chain Manager


At Baltik vairas, our dedicated and talented team of professionals bring their passion for cycling and commitment to quality to every aspect of the production process. Here are key competencies we have in-house:

Product developers in the R&D department

Work with clients to determine the most appropriate technical solution for each type of bike, including decisions on which components from which suppliers are most suitable.

Project management

staying in control of the total process to make sure there are no surprises and the mass production target is reached on time.

Design department

Works with clients to determine the aesthetics of the bike, including selecting colours, paints, and decal types and sizes, taking into account all necessary technical details.

Product engineers

Develop BOM (Bill of Materials), technical drawings of frames, forks, and carriers.

Sourcing department

Provides clients with the best possible components based on their design needs.

Samples department

Assembles and prepares the first prototype for mass production, following the optimal business process.

Supply chain department

Oversees the entire supply chain of the company, from sourcing raw materials and components to delivering finished products to customers. Works closely with suppliers to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of high-quality materials and components.

Strategic & operational planning department

Develops the company's short-term and long-term goals and creates plans to achieve them. Work closely with other departments to ensure that operational plans are aligned with strategic objectives.


tests all bike parts and fully assembled bikes according to ISO standards. Carries out technical tests on components and gives recommendations to clients. Approves mass production.

Quality control department

Carefully inspects every bike with 100% precision to ensure it meets high standards before it is released to the market.

After-sales department

Provides support to customers after the sale of a product, eliminates manufacturing defects.

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75 years of excellence

With a rich history spanning over 75 years, Baltik vairas has emerged as a leading bicycle manufacturer, specializing in full-service OEM across Europe.

Quality-driven team

At Baltik vairas, our dedicated and talented team of professionals bring their passion for cycling and commitment to quality to every aspect of the production process.